Artist/Writer/Creative Producer 
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Georgia is an artist and writer, she cares about poetics, a politics of care and the intimacy of access needs being met. Using poetics as a medium to project the imagining and making of an inverted world, her work questions how we can build empathic structures as a resistance to the neoliberal pervasion of individualism.

Her work always starts as writen text and then takes the form of video, installation and sometimes sculpture. As time has gone on, she also considers the interpersonal, facilitation, or art worker roles she holds as practise also. This is all art making.  

Some current questions Georgia is asking include - What would look like if we admitted the inevitable failure of any form of body to meet the demands of capitalist working structures? What would it look like if instead of offering up our sickness for scrutiny and acceptance, if instead there was a refusal as a potentially propulsive form of solidarity? How can we continuously reject individualism, the fabrication of scarcity and towers of hierarchal power? And, if we can dismantle our conceptualisation of power and governance, who gets to be in control of our bodies?

From June 2021-July 2022 Georgia was a co-director of EMBASSY Gallery. Joining the committee excited by the prospect of co-constructed knowledge development and artistic exchange that has the power to be vitalising as opposed to exhaustive, she remains interested in artist -led activity. 

Current areas of interest/research include - myths of wholeness, holding faith, spilling love & rage, the materiality of language, coded systems, being alive to your own pulse, shame, confusion, queerness and my own neurodiversity.

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