Artist/Writer/Creative Producer 
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blank gaze into the middle ground

Solo Exhibition, 2019 

Text on walls- various prints, A3, A4, Perspex letter holders, Monitor with looped video, stage empty for a performance that never occurs, discarded shoes, metronome, plaster cast swans, spotlights. 

‘Blank gaze into the middle ground’ seeks to explore themes of the desire for Immateriality, dissolving the fragile aestheticized body and the strictures of routine. Using a hybrid lexicon of poetry and corporate jargon, text is physically positioned across the room in relation to axis of ‘agreement’ and desire’. Building a physicalisation of a cartesian grid, language occupies space, whilst a physical performance failures to occur. 

“Through seductive and veiled models, this desirable saturation will overcome you and push you to your knees. It will begin with a gradual pressure of a slow sinking. Dredged down, succumbing to your own weight. Please continue dispensing information and a positive attitude.”  - extract

Texts Exhibited
- ‘A baby boy, holding his mothers collar’
- ‘young professionals sit outside, gently conversing in sympathetic tones - ‘spaces of integrity and proximity’
- ‘Agreement/ desire’ 
- ‘Inundated with feeling’

(Video Stills)